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GX-01R Mazinger Z (Revised edition) Box Image BAN-SOC-GX-01R GX-01R Mazinger Z (Revised edition) Sold Out 149.00
Assembly Item Description
No Skill Level This item is a posable science-fiction character created by Go Nagai. Standing 8 inch tall, Mazinger Z from Bandai Soul of Chogokin series constructed from die-cast and plastic. All important joints are posable. Comes with numerous of accessories.
  1. Hover Pilder & Jet Pilder
  2. Ironcutter
  3. Jetscrander
  4. Drillmissile
  5. Millilepunch
  6. A Display Stand. (Includes spots to store the extra hands and arms that aren't in use.)

This item does not require either painting or cement to complete or use. Highly recommended for fans and die-cast/Chogokin collectors!

No Painting
No Cement

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