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BAN-SOC-GX-04S Grendizer & All Speizer Set Low 349.00
Assembly Item Description
This item is a completed die-cast/plastic action toy. From the famous Japanese animated TV series "Grendizer". Comes with numerous of accessories. The three main parts includes the Grendizer, UFO and the Fighter Jet, can be separated or jointed together. Grendizer itself is made out of 75% die-cast metal. The shoulders, neck, elbows, hips and knees are fully posable. The legs length is adjustable for mounting him in the UFO "Spazer" ship. The neck are double-jointed so he can look straight forward even when he's mounted inside the UFO, too. His arms are removable via magnetic mounts and you get the regular posable arms, plus the spring-loaded type for firing his "screw crusher punch" attack, the arm and hand parts are included. 6 interchangeable hands, 2 fists, 2 open palm, and 2 weapon-gripping for holding the weapon "double harken" or his shoulder-mounted boomerangs (removable).

The Spazer ship is 100% made of plastic, the front and the back side of the Spazer ship can be opens up to let Grendizer dock with it, and has two removable saucers on the wing tips with opening panels to allow you to duplicate the "spin saucer" and "drill saucer" weapons. Landing feet also fold out of the bottom of the ship for stable display on flat surfaces.

The Double Spazer fighter ship made of die-cast metal and plastic. The wings are posable, the nose can be reposition and deploy that allows you to mount on the back of Grendizer to give it more dynamic look.

The Drill Spazer is made of die-cast metal and plastic.

The Marine Spazer is made of die-cast metal and plastic.

Includes a display stand allows you to keep Grendizer and all his weapons and accessories together on the stand. The Grendizer itself stands about 8 inch tall. An amazing piece to have it. Highly recommended for fans and collectors.


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