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Bandai Soul of Chogokin SOC GX-36 Ideon BAN-SOC-GX-36 GX-36 Ideon Sold Out 199.00
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This item is a poseable and transformable action toy designed for collectors. From Yoshiyuki Tomino's classic "Space Runaway Ideon" anime series. The Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-36 Ideon, imported from Japan, made of die-cast metal with ABS plastic parts, comes with three mechas, each with an alternate mode: A Mecha Sol Anba turns into Ideo Delta, B Mecha Sol Bania turns into Ideo Nova, and C Mecha Sol Konbaa turns into Ideo Buster. The three mechas are able to accurately replicate the transformation as seen in the show and be combined to form the impressive 28cm/11in-tall die-cast metal Ideon! The giant mecha is well-articulated and capable of recreating its signature poses such as launching its deadly all-directional missiles. Ideon's second-most-powerful attack is the Ideon Sword with its effect parts included in this set, each representing a beam of light emitting from Ideon's hands. Then there's the Ideon Gun, capable of destroying everything in its path, including giant starships, planets, and even galaxies! The gun features an LED light gimmick that lights up beautifully at the press of a button. Three AAA batteries (Not included) are required. This set also includes alien aircraft and vehicles that are in scale with Ideon, such as Gadakka/Tokamofu, Dekka Bau, Kaabian Crosser, and 10 Jyongs. A custom display stand is also provided for displaying the Ideon Gun and three of the aircrafts. Beautiful paint job with excellent detail everywhere, one of the best SOC ever made. Highly recommended for fans and collectors!

This item does not require either painting for cement to complete or use.

No Painting
No Cement

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